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Pure One | Hawaiian Snow Cartridge

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Buy Hawaiian Snow Pure One Carts Online. First bred by Green House Seeds, Hawaiian Snow is a three-way cross of Purple Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Neville’s Haze. Its flavor is characterized by sweet tropical pine with a citrus hint. The strain is 100% sativa with users describing a creative and energizing high that fades into a euphoric dreaminess. Hawaiian Snow Pure One Carts for Sale Online
With heavy THC content and a delightfully sweet flavor palate, Hawaiian Snow won multiple Cannabis Cup prizes in 2003, 2007, and 2011. Order Hawaiian Snow Pure One Carts Online
Our upgraded award winning triple distilled oil is made with pride. It is more clear, transparent and yes more THC potent than ever before. Free of glycol, glycerin or solvents we offer the true cannabis taste of full bodied terpene profile strains to enhance and compliment the therapeutic effects of cannabis while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction . Buy Hawaiian Snow Pure One Carts Online

Triple Distilled Oil
10x more vapor
Next generation ceramic cartridges
Healthiest vaporizing technology
No oil to coil burning
Full Terpene Profile
Extreme Potency
Superior taste

Our new ceramic technology eliminates burnt taste of the dinosaur days of “oil to metal coil”. It captures the best our oil has to offer, evenly heating it across a smooth ceramic basin with vapor delivered to your lips by a porcelain ceramic mouthpiece.
It is with these advancements, we bring to you an unparalleled vaping experience with higher vapor volume and Pure cannabis taste. Making it easy to see why its the “one”. Buy Hawaiian Snow Pure One Carts Online

At Pure Vape we are a team of perfectionists. While creating Pure One our mission was to deliver an experience that would raise the bar and establish the highest standard on the market. Today we are excited to announce that the search for the ideal cartridge is over. Please meet the One, the only … Pure One.